What does it mean to be a Partner of Purpose?

It means to be one who has a covenant and to be a part of what the covenanted counterpart is doing.


Revival of Deliverance and the Jimmy Roper Ministries has worked in and out of various denominations and fellowships for many years.  This Apostolic/Prophetical Evangelistic, Missionary endeavors have always been an operation of faith, trusting and believing God for direction and the provision to fulfill the mission.


Dr Roper and Revivals of Deliverance have never pursued the goals of finances,  building enterprises or fame.  In the 53 countries visited over the years, the only request is an open door of trust to touch, heal and change lives.


PARTNERS OF PURPOSE have a major role to play in this ministry of healing, delivering and changing lives.  Those in the greatest need are often not able to furnish the expenses, as they are trying to meet their own challenges. As a PARTNER OF PURPOSE, you can bring this Ministry to them!

 In the gospel of Luke, chapter 8, verse 1 – 3 describes some of Jesus’ partners - “they followed Jesus  Ministry at times and ministered to Him of their substance”.  Jesus even had a treasury to support his mission.


Please pray about committing your support of prayer and finances to Revivals of Deliverance, so that YOU can “go into all the world and preach, teach and heal (Mark 16: verse 15-20) through this Ministry.

I am your blood covenant brother,  servant,  friend,  Apostle,  Missionary. 

Dr. Jimmy R. Roper, Sr






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