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Revivals of Deliverance is the Outreach Incorporated name for the Jimmy Roper Ministries.


After pastoring and building churches in various denominations, over many years, God spoke to Dr J R Roper Sr and gave him a mandate.


In August 1991 Dr Roper began full time evangelistic and missionary work on a national and international level.

Revivals of Deliverance was launched as a result of the mandate received from God.


This mandate consisted of five principles:

1.  Teach the churches about the Blood of God and how to plead the Blood of God correctly.  To instruct the Body of Christ in teaching, preaching and singing about the Blood.

2.  Teach the church regarding ministering angels and how to activate and utilize them without offending them.

3.  Bring holiness and purity back into the Body of Christ.

4.  Teach the Church about emotions.   Not to live by emotions but by the Word of God.
5.  Teach the people of God how to use their faith to win souls and bring deliverance from demonic influences.  To enjoy prosperity as a fringe benefit, putting faith into its right and proper perspective.

                                                                               THE NAME

The name “Revivals of Deliverance, Inc came about because of the emphasis on “revival”

The word “revival” seems to be more significant than renewal, although our inner man is renewed day by day.  Some call it an “awakening”…. some “renewal." 

Revival began in Genesis chapter 2 verse 7, when God breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.

Revival is a promise of God beginning in Genesis and receiving more prominence in the New Testament times.

Deliverance” – delivering and deliverer is eluded to many times in the Holy Scriptures.




The vision of Revivals of Deliverance is to take this “revival and deliverance” ministry into all the world.  To go and fulfill Mark chapter 16: verses 15-20, wherever and whenever possible. Bringing into play also Matthew 28:18-20.


This Ministry works in and out of several different denominations and fellowships as well as many non-denominational ministry groups.


Revivals of Deliverance is a “Faith” ministry and is dependent upon God to provide and equip in each of its outreaches and endeavors.









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