Dr J. R Roper Sr, was born in Rome, Georgia just 20 minutes from the Cherokee nation in Calhoun, Ga. A Cherokee from the mountains of North Georgia, Dr Roper has preached in 53 countries of earth. He travels extensively to different nations and works in seven different denominations.

He is President of Revivals of Deliverance, Inc. and the Jimmy Roper Ministries. God has placed an Apostolic and Prophetical mantle upon Dr Roper to bring revival and John 17 unity to the Bride of Christ – God’s Church – His Body.  He is committed to the local church and local pastor with a fervent, earnest tenacity that will deliver and promote Church growth (Acts 2:47).


As God leads and so ordains, Dr Roper travels by faith to Churches/Ministries of all sizes and denominations. Since entering the ministry in 1952, Dr Roper has pioneered over 15 churches and inaugurated 100 ministers into the five-fold ministry.


Dr Roper has been called by many, “the walking bible and the weeping prophet”. A preacher of righteousness. Signs, wonders and miracles accompany the word that flows from him. He is the author of 20 books and is on the Board of Directors for two different ministries dedicated to evangelizing the world for God.

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